Scouts at Craggy Island April 2017

7th April 2017 by Claire Shadbolt

“That was so much fun” said one scout as they left the climbing room and moved into the caving room.

“Who is going to be the zombie this time?” Is met with a chorus of “Me!”.  The rest of the scouts get a 30 second head start into the caving system and then the zombie goes in to catch them and turns them into zombies.  All the scouts loved it, even the ones that were worried about feeling claustrophobic.

We want to say a massive thank you to the staff at Craggy Island.  They were fantastic with the scouts plus they were a real help with our “little problem”.

Talking of “little problem”, I am sorry we were late back.  As we were leaving the key got stuck in the door of the minibus.  We were locked out of it.  Plus we could not have driven it without the key.  The staff were amazing trying to help us free the key.  In the end persistence paid off and our ex-scout/explorer Joe patiently freed the key – we are looking forward to him returning as a young leader.

Every scout enjoyed themselves.  They were well behaved and not phased by the “little problem”.  We just had an impromptu game of splat whilst Joe worked his magic.

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