Scafell works with Addiscombe Railway Park January 2018

23rd January 2018 by Claire Shadbolt

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Since November we have been working with the friends of Addiscombe Railway park to continue their good work of clearing up what is not needed. It has come to the attention of the, 28th Croydon that the park has needed some more help in clearing out the unwanted litter, weeds and abandoned clutter. The state of the park has come to the attention of our scout troop and we believe something needs to be done.

The condition of the park was absolutely horrendous to say the least. Not only was the park treated as a landfill site which is extremely harmful to the environment, 90% of the litter could have been easily recycled or reused. As a consequence, treatment of public property has left many animals consuming this rubbish and sadly dying.

The time we spent at Addiscome Railway park was very beneficial to us, the environment and the community alike. Our time there was spent by planting trees, cutting back brambles and weeding crops. We also checked the frog spawn and newts.

If you would like to:

CONNECT with your neighbours

BE ACTIVE in the fresh air

TAKE NOTICE of the new flowers & trees

LEARN a couple of gardening & wildlife friendly tips

GIVE an hour or two of your time to help us

Please visit Friends of Addiscome Railway Park and join us every 2nd Sunday of the month to maintain this lovely green space.