30th September 2023 by Claire Shadbolt

Be part of something amazing

28th Croydon Scouts is made possible by volunteers. We’re helping young people gain Skills for Life, and we need your help.

Introducing the activity leaders, skill sharers, tea makers, minibus drivers, permit holders, money managers and badge buyers who make scouts happen.
There’s a way to volunteer that’s right for everyone. Whatever skills you have and whatever time you can give.

You’ll get so much out of it, and have a great time too.
There’s nothing like that feeling of doing good. As well as making a positive impact, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. When you volunteer with us at 28th Croydon Scouts, you’ll be making lifelong memories.

Flexible volunteering There are ways to be involved with whatever time you can spare.

No experience necessary You don’t need to know how to put up a tent or light a campfire to volunteer.

Make a difference You’ll be helping to shape young people’s lives for the better.

For more information contact gsl@28thcroydon.org.uk