Scouts at Craggy Island April 2017

7th April 2017 by Claire Shadbolt

“That was so much fun” said one scout as they left the climbing room and moved into the caving room.

“Who is going to be the zombie this time?” Is met with a chorus of “Me!”.  The rest of the scouts get a 30 second head start into the caving system and then the zombie goes in to catch them and turns them into zombies.  All the scouts loved it, even the ones that were worried about feeling claustrophobic.

We want to say a massive thank you to the staff at Craggy Island.  They were fantastic with the scouts plus they were a real help with our “little problem”.

Talking of “little problem”, I am sorry we were late back.  As we were leaving the key got stuck in the door of the minibus.  We were locked out of it.  Plus we could not have driven it without the key.  The staff were amazing trying to help us free the key.  In the end persistence paid off and our ex-scout/explorer Joe patiently freed the key – we are looking forward to him returning as a young leader.

Every scout enjoyed themselves.  They were well behaved and not phased by the “little problem”.  We just had an impromptu game of splat whilst Joe worked his magic.

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Scafell and Nevis Bude Summer Camp 2016

4th August 2016 by Claire Shadbolt

Our tentsDay one – Saturday

The day started early at 6:30 meeting in Elmers End.  17 people are in the mini bus, the remaining six are in two cars and all our kit is in the trailer.  Then for the long journey to Bude in Cornwall.

We arrive in good spirits and set up camp.  That takes the rest of the afternoon.  We have a quick wide game then supper and bed.

Swim safeDay two – Sunday, our busy day.

By 9:00 we are off in the mini bus to Church in Launceston.  I was very proud of our 16 scouts and young leaders looking smart in their uniform, well behaved and attentive.

Then it was a dash back to Bude, a quick change and onto Swim Safe.  It was a shame it was in horrible weather.  But if you are in a wetsuit and in the sea pool then you are not really going to feel the rain.

Swim Safe was held in Bude Sea Pool.  This pool is naturally refreshed twice a day by the incoming tide.  Our scouts learnt beach safety and in-water tuition.

Hike routeAfter the Swim Safe we had a quick change and a bite to eat.  We sheltered from the last of the rain before setting out on our hike.

It was a challenging hike, up and down clifts along the scenic South West Coast Path, from Bude to Duckpool, then around Coombe Valley.  We cut the hike short at the end of Coombe Valley.  Our late start (due to rain) meant we were running late at that point.

We wrapped the day up with wide game on the beach.

KayakingDay three – Monday, kayaking and surfing

Monday saw us dividing into two groups to do kayaking and surfing.  The waves were “huge”, so we changed from sea kayaking to kayaking along the canal.  It also meant that the surfing was challenging and our scouts rose the challenge.

In the afternoon we went to Summerleaze beach for body boarding and beach fun.  The waves were the biggest I have seen in years.  The body boarding was exhilarating.

We welcome our last participant, Gary, who joined us for the rest of the week.  We wrapped the day up with yet another wide game on the beach.

Adventure courseDay four – Tuesday, cycling and adventure course

On Tuesday we divided into four groups and went cycling.  We did more of the South West Coast Path, this time heading south and then along Bude Canal.  That burnt off some energy.

After lunch we did a trip into town for the scouts to spend all their pocket money.  Sainsburys and the Co-op were the most popular shops, as the scouts had worked out they could get cheap sweets and pop.  Our scouts were demonstrating budgeting.

In the afternoon we did an adventure course – space hoppers, custard tunnels, custard in wellies then sliding down the water slide trying to avoid the attentions of the rest of the scouts armed with water pistols and soaking sponges.

Video playing on the adventure course

Video – more playing on the adventure course

And guess how we rounded the day off – yep a wide game on the beach.

Burying the dead jellyfishDay five – Wednesday, Coasteering and BBQ on the beach

Wednesday saw us travelling to Tintagle and into the bay for Coasteering.

Before we started leaping off rocks and clifts, we had a special occasion to mark.  We invested Bobby as an Assistant Scout Leader.  We all swam out to Central Rock to witness Bobby saying his promise and receive his woggle.  That poor scarf was wet on its first outing.

The afternoon saw us back on the beach.  Unfortunately the wave conditions were too rough, so body boarding was stopped quite quickly.  We still had fun having games of badminton, cricket, burying scouts and chilling.  We stayed on the beach for the rest of the evening having a BBQ.  It was very beautiful watching the sun setting whilst eating a burger.

And we still had a wide game before bed.



More coasteering


SurfingDay six – Thursday, surfing and kayaking take two

Thursday again saw us dividing into two groups to do kayaking and surfing.  The waves were still challenging, so again we changed from sea kayaking to kayaking along the canal.

The afternoon saw us having activities at the campsite.  Sober beer pong was a firm favourite.  This involved two benches placed 10 metres apart with a bucket of water placed on each bench.  The players need to stay behind the bench and trow tennis balls into the opposite bucket.  The first team to get three balls in the bucket wins.  You can imagine the excitement when B and J lost to Claire and Gary.  Claire and Gary really enjoyed throwing a bucket of water over their sons!


Throwing a dab

Chicken run whilst kayaking

More kayaking

Packing away tentsDay seven – Friday, pack up and epic journey home

All good camps have to come to an end.  Friday saw us striking camp and leaving on time (amazing).  But the journey home did not go to plan.  Unfortunately the mini bus was stuck in countless traffic jams, including one where we went two miles in one hour and the M3 being closed.  Fortunately all the scouts were in good spirits and in was good fun in the bus.


Special thanks

Thank you to:

  • the leaders and young leaders for all the planning and energy whilst on camp.
  • the patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders for looking after your patrols
  • Bude Football Club for loaning us their site for camping and the clubhouse for cooking and eating.
  • Shoreline extreme sports for providing safe and exciting surfing, kayaking and coasteering.
  • the volunteers from ASA and the RNLI to running a special Swim Safe session just for us.
  • Bude Bikes for loaning us the cycles.
  • and for all the scouts for making the week the best ever.


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Bag Pack at Tesco for Scout’s summer camp

18th May 2016 by Claire Shadbolt

Thank you to Tesco, Beckenham for allowing our scouts to complete a bag pack on 15 May.  Plus thank you to the scouts who came along.

I am pleased to say that no bottles of coke were placed on loaves of bread, nor bottles of bleach placed upside-down next to food items.  Our scouts were very professional bag packers.

After two and half hours I did hear Luke saying “Have a good you and thank day.”  I believe he had said the correct phrase so many times his mouth had given up.

I am delighted to say we raised £269.33.  This money will go towards our summer camp.  We are going to Bude in Cornwall.  It is expensive to get the scouts to Cornwall, but it will be worth it as they cannot really go sea kayaking in Croydon or surfing in Beckenham.

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Scouts at Survival Camp April 2016

10th April 2016 by Claire Shadbolt

Five scouts from 28th Croydon and dozens of over scouts from other troops simulated a survival situation Pinewood Scout Centre on 9 April 2016.

The morning we spent brushing up our skills that would help us in a survival situation.  Ask one of them what way is north just by looking at a mossy tree and they will tell you.  Plus they may show you their spoons that they whittled themselves.

Then they had to survive for 24 hours.

Before we knew it, the shelters were built, their fire pits were going and they were butchering a rabbit for dinner.  The challenging bit was the night.  It was very cold.  At one stage it was minus one degrees.  So some of them warmed up around the fire in the middle of the night.

In the morning the scouts had to cross a “raging river” just using a rope.  They got enough over and successfully earnt their fish for lunch.  They gutted and prepared the fish.  Wrapped it in wet newspapers and cooked it on their fires.

The end was in site.  The parents were on their way.  All they had to do was signal them.  So they built a smoke signal which could be seen for miles and they were rescued hurrah!

What was the best bit? Most of them said, “Fire”.  Some said, “Meeting new people”.

What was the worst bit?  “Someone following me around with a camera.”  See if you can guess who said that from the photos below.

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March 2015 Scafell and Nevis scout camp at Frylands

20th March 2015 by Claire Shadbolt

Black Tie Movie Night

15th October 2014 by Webmaster

Tuesday night saw the red carpet rolled out for local celebs from Nevis Scout Troop. It was Movie Night at Scout HQ, with plenty of Popcorn for everyone.

The girls were all putting on the glitz and makeup and the boys were looking very dapper in their suits. They watched ‘Ride Along’, starring Ice Cube & Kevin Hart.


Higher resolution/better quality versions of these photos are available from Peter for a small donation to our current fundraising campaign!

Snowdon Troop River Medway Adventure

18th September 2014 by a_gaunt

We set off early on Friday 29th August with 13 Scouts and 4 leaders – our destination – Tonbridge. This was the starting point for our 2 day 26 Km Canoe Trip along The River Medway.

We carried all the necessary kit (tents, food, stoves and personal clothing) for our overnight stay at Yalding.

Beautiful scenery, good weather and a bit of fun on the Canoe Shutes


The trip ended at Allington Lock.

To see more pictures from this event take a look at the gallery.

Water activities at South Norwood Lake

27th July 2014 by Webmaster

All Scouts from 28th Croydon Scouts were invited to take part in three sessions of water activities at South Norwood Lake. Recently unofficially renamed ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Lake’, the local beauty spot provides an invaluable local resource to learn skills in sailing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as general safety in open boats on the water.

Each session was held on a Saturday morning and gave the scouts three hours of time on the water (for only £6!). Everyone agreed it was a great success, even Troop Leader Tony, who ended up in the lake!

Scout Summer Camp Details

6th May 2013 by a_gaunt

The details of the Scout Summer Camp have been loaded to the website – please read – as places are limited, please follow the instructions to apply for a place.

2013 Summer Camp – Initial Letter

Scouts Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders weekend

28th April 2013 by Claire Shadbolt

Patrol leaders camp 8

Patrol leaders camp 7

Patrol leaders camp 6

Patrol leaders camp 5

Patrol leaders camp 3

Patrol leaders camp 2

Patrol leaders camp 4

Patrol leaders camp 1


Nevis Investiture

11th February 2013 by Webmaster

Four new scouts were recently invested into Nevis Troop.

Nevis Scout Troop start!

16th January 2013 by Webmaster

The newly formed Nevis Scout Troop met for the first time last night!

Nevis Troop, the third scout troop within 28th Croydon, had it’s inaugural session on 15th January 2013. The Nevis troop is for children aged 10.5 to 14 years and will meet every Tuesday between 7.30pm – 9.00 p.m at the Craven Road HQ.

Nevis Scout Troop LeadersThe troop is led by Peter (Scout Leader) and Claire (Assistant Scout Leader).