Vacancy Board

12th May 2024 by Claire Shadbolt

Seeking a volunteer to…

be part of something amazing


Help keep us in line – join us as Group Secretary
Are you a natural organiser? Do you know what’s happening, not just next week,
but next month and year too? Is your electronic diary always perfectly in synch? If
this sounds like you, then we’d love you to consider supporting us as Group
Secretary. A great communicator, team player and problem solver, you’ll be as
good a listener as you are at taking accurate minutes and reminding us of our rules.
We’re only able to help young people step up, play their part and gain great skills
when our groups are well managed and run. A Group Secretary is absolutely
essential to this, which is why, as one of our trustees, you will be responsible,
supportive and have our best interest at heart at all times. In return you’ll have the
satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping us prepare so many more young people
for the future.

Marquee putter uppers

Where you great with Meccano or Lego? Want to move that to a bigger scale?
Our marquee hire is a great money spinner. With four or eight bodies and some muscle we can erect and dismantle a marquee. Could you spare a couples of hours on an ad hoc basis, mainly during the summer?

Section Team Member

Make a bird box; transform a future.
Would you like the chance to canoe, climb and make bird boxes while improving your CV?
As a Team Member in Beavers, Cubs or Scouts in the 28th Croydon Our Lady of the Annunciation Scout Group you will do all of this and more, using your current skills and learning new ones.
We now need a fun, committed person to support young people, helping run games and activities as part of weekly meetings. As part of a small team, you will be plan and deliver a safe and exciting programme for young people, helping them achieve badges and awards.
Enthusiasm, an empathy with young people and a sense of humour are a must. But we can teach you the rest. We’ll support you all the way and ensure you get the training and support you need.


Every Scout Group requires trustees.
This committee oversees the administration of the Group. As well as a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, each Trustee Board welcomes people with specific skills, and representatives of Beaver, Cub and Scout parents. Our Board meets times a year, but effective members will volunteer for tasks in between the meetings, thus ensuring the smooth running of the Scout Group and maximising its potential for a hugely positive impact on its young members.


Could you help us for a short period to get rid of some white goods that we no longer need? They need putting on Facebook or similar and supporting the buyers to collect.

17 June 2024

Pre-loved Uniform Coordinator

Some parents are kind enough to donate uniforms back to the Group once their child no longer has a use for it. We would love to find them new homes. We just need someone to pick it up as a project and coordinate it.

23 June 2024