Scouts at Survival Camp April 2016

10th April 2016 by Claire Shadbolt

Five scouts from 28th Croydon and dozens of over scouts from other troops simulated a survival situation Pinewood Scout Centre on 9 April 2016.

The morning we spent brushing up our skills that would help us in a survival situation.  Ask one of them what way is north just by looking at a mossy tree and they will tell you.  Plus they may show you their spoons that they whittled themselves.

Then they had to survive for 24 hours.

Before we knew it, the shelters were built, their fire pits were going and they were butchering a rabbit for dinner.  The challenging bit was the night.  It was very cold.  At one stage it was minus one degrees.  So some of them warmed up around the fire in the middle of the night.

In the morning the scouts had to cross a “raging river” just using a rope.  They got enough over and successfully earnt their fish for lunch.  They gutted and prepared the fish.  Wrapped it in wet newspapers and cooked it on their fires.

The end was in site.  The parents were on their way.  All they had to do was signal them.  So they built a smoke signal which could be seen for miles and they were rescued hurrah!

What was the best bit? Most of them said, “Fire”.  Some said, “Meeting new people”.

What was the worst bit?  “Someone following me around with a camera.”  See if you can guess who said that from the photos below.

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